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Flat Glass

Flat Glass

Screen printing on flat glass can be found in many different applications

Appliance glass, such as all kind of kitchen (or white wear) glass, e.g. oven doors, stove tops, microwave doors, refrigerator shelves, etc. For this market segment ATMA produces the most efficient machine range like ATMATIC 70PD/W with its unique “walking beam” transport  system or the more conventional ATMALINE GS712 working with traditional “ rope” transport. Both series can be combined with our range of high temperature glass dryers and possibly in multicolor configurations.

Automotive industry with windshields and side windows with black edge decoration, rear window with heating elements, sun roofs with decoration and heating elements, etc.. For this market segment we can recommend the ATMA model GS1322W in combination with our high temperature glass dryers SPS TURBOSTAR-HTGlass possibly in multicolor configurations.

Technical glass, such as cover lenses over mobile devises or automotive cockpit displays. For both market segments ATMA is recognized as world leader. There are highly sophisticated camera controlled machines in various stages of automation. Our recent projects include customized 4-color print lines with robot loaders, buffer stations, camera controlled register flat-bed printers with accuracy ≤ 20 µm, automatic density control systems, UV curing units and a high temperature end dryer series: ATMA GP20PPS / ATMALINE CL30ATMATIC 45PAT/T and more can be used.

Architectural glass, both in rectangular as also in irregular shape. ATMA GS1322W is most suitable for this field of application.

Please talk to us, with multiple successful installations we are your preferred supplier in this field!

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