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Automotive Car Interior Screen Printed
printed electronics
Application Textil Transfer
Print Finishing
Bank notes

The automotive industry is known for pushing its boundaries in technology.

SPS & ATMA have been working in very close cooperation with many of the leading (sub) suppliers to famous automobile brands like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Ferrari, Nissan and many others.

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Plastic Cards

Plastic / bank cards are a day to day part of our life.

Typically these cards are made in 4 layers. The graphic layer is usually printed in offset and gets a screen printed specialty. This could be a special security ink or a precious metal effect ink to improve the cards appearance.

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Electronics / Overlays

Printed Electronics

Screen Printing electric circuits, using conductive inks is a special screen printing application.

Heating elements, RFID tags, automotive functional parts, printed batteries, medical diabetic test strips, and all kinds of sensors are all part of a fast expanding market.

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Textile Transfer

Textile Transfer Printing is a fast growing screen printing application.

Not only the possibility to print much more fine details but also the durability of the modern textile transfers have great advantages over direct garment printing.

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Print Finishing

One of the largest graphic markets for sheet-fed cylinder presses is adding value to a (offset) pre-printed sheet.

Print finishing has become a highly competitive and diverse market, attractive for both large offset / book printers as well as regional service companies combining lamination / hot stamp and screen printing.

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Flat Glass

Screen printing on flat glass can be found in many different applications.

Appliance glass, such as all kind of kitchen (or white wear) glass, e.g. oven doors, stove tops, microwave doors, refrigerator shelves, etc.

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Bank Notes

Banknote printing

Banknote printing is a complex printing technology mainly because of its high demand on security against counterfeit.

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Ceramic Transfer

Ceramic Decal Printing is a typical screen printing application whereby many solid colours are printed in very close registration.

The print process is relative slow (max. 1600 iph) and due to the use of solvent based inks, often the screen has to be inspected.

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Print is everywhere – we deliver the technology

SPS TechnoScreen – Screen Printing Solutions

SPS TechnoScreen, is the world’s no 1 partner to provide you with customized screen printing solutions based on the famous Original SPS STOP CYLINDER Principle.

In Screen Print for over 60 years, SPS is providing global support and in depth knowledge of the wide area of applications for automated screen printing. Whether it is for high-speed print finishing & (luxury) packaging, high-precision printed electronics, bank note / security printing, plastic / credit card solutions, textile transfers, ceramic decals or medical applications, SPS TechnoScreen can help you with the best possible production options for screen printing.

Fully integrated automatic screen printing line solutions include automatic feeders, various types of STOP cylinder screen printing machines, jet air / UV / IR and wicket dryers as well as automatic sheet stackers, all designed for fully automatic screen printing processes.

Above this, SPS TechnoScreen is also providing technical as well as installation services for the SPS screen printing product range. Our team of specialized mechanical and electronical engineers is enforced by an international base of technicians being part of our agent / distributor network. Thus instant support in case of machine stops even despite different time zones can be guaranteed.

Finally SPS is also offering operator training sessions which will strengthen the specific know-how of your machine operators not only in view of how to operate a fully automatic screen printing line but also in view of the complete pre- and post-press screen printing processes which are – on demand – included in our training courses.

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