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Ceramic Decal Printing

Ceramic Decal Printing

is a typical screen printing application whereby many solid colours are printed in very close registration.

The print process is relative slow (max. 1600 iph) and due to the use of solvent based inks, often the screen has to be inspected. For this reason, the 4-post cylinder press SPS VITESSAS SL69 is preferred. In addition, for smaller print sizes also the SPS VITESSA XP57primeline is an efficient printer option!

The slow drying ceramic inks require extreme long drying time. In addition, the transfer paper is hygroscopic and very sensible for humidity / temperature changes. Typically, long time Wicket Dryers are used in very long configurations.

SPS has over 1.000 units installed within the ceramic decal printing industry and is known for its reliability and close tolerance printing. Machines with 20+ years of operation are in daily use and produce perfect quality decals.

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