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An overview of the benefits of the SPS Maintenance Contract :

Avoid down time and unnecessary loss of value! What seems logical when you drive a car, should also be logical for the production machinery that you earn your living with! Your maintenance contract with SPS TechnoScreen GmbH offers decisive advantages!

Reduction of Down Times!

Regular check-ups drastically reduce the risk of your production being stopped due to a breakdown of your printing press. In case of a machine stand-still identification of possible malfunctions can be done quicker as we already know your machine’s history due to regular check-ups. Protocols of maintenance as well as instant online-service will solve your problems quickly.

Longer Lifetime!

Worn parts that are not replaced in a timely way may cause malfunctions to assembly groups other than the defected part itself. The inspection of all functions of your printing press ensures the conservation of value for a long lifetime of your machine.


With more efficient planning of the service interventions you are saving costs over the one-by-one use of our technicians. Of course, we will take your production schedules into account when planning your service.

Discount for parts!

As regular maintenance customer you will receive a special bonus. A 10% discount is granted on all spare part orders as well as on all service rendered – even if not covered by this maintenance contract.

Omission of the emergency call-out-fee!

Save of EUR 400 in case a technician is being dispatched within 24 hours after your service call.

Prolongation of Warranty:

If you sign the Maintenance contract with the purchase of your new SPS machine, we will prolong the warranty period from 12 to 36 months (contract cannot be canceled during this period) (excluding parts of wear and tear).

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