Print finishing

Print Finishing

One of the largest graphic markets for sheet-fed cylinder presses is adding value to a (offset) pre-printed sheet. Print finishing has become a highly competitive and diverse market, attractive for both large offset / book printers as well as regional service companies combining lamination / hot stamp and screen printing.

Forms of added value can be found in all-over and/or spot-varnishing, high-build / braille varnish, adding a special product related smell to the image, hide a secret code by covering it with a scratch-off inks, adding metal glitter elements, etc..

This industry needs practical solutions for quick change over from one job to another as well as high-speed running. Depending on sheet size, both the SPS® VITESSA XP1 classic or primeline as well as the more sophisticated 4-post SPS® VITESSA SL2 in combination with the UV dryer SPS® SUV or the combination dryer SPS® TURBOSTAR-S to handle both UV and solvent based inks. The line would be completed with the SPS® AUTOSTACK. SPS® brings such complete printing lines to the market under the name of UV SPEEDSTER or COMBI SPEEDSTER. Typically the SPS® option of “print length compensation” is highly appreciated to overcome the image “fit” difference between off-set and screen printing as well as the “UV varnish package” that includes a drip pan for screen changes without removing squeegee and flood coater.

On the dryer the “IR TOP” can be added to improve varnish flow before final cure.