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SPS TURBOSTAR CBS combination dryer


The screen printing combination dryer series CBS is a complete new modular design based on high volume jet-air technology together with energy saving UV systems. The Teflon coated conveyor system with vacuum under the belt will securely and scratch free transport the material throughout the dryer.

When used in combination with cylinder screen printing machines, the dryer inlet would start with a “fold down” belt segment that will allow the operator to access the cylinder at the machine exit side.

Optional a UV bridge can be placed over the dryer inlet segment. This initial UV source is used mainly to “freeze” sharp edge / small detail UV screen printing ink.

The heating sections are 2 m long segments. High-volume circulation fans create a focused high speed jet-air stream to the material surface. Precise temperature setting with variation ≤ 2°C. The maximum temperature is limited at 90°C. The heating sections can be completed with additional IR radiators. Such feature will decrease the ramp up time needed to bring the substrate to the set temperature.

A separate UV section holding 2 UV lamps, 170 W/cm. The UV lamps can be mercury, ferro or gallium doped. The UV lamps are controlled by electronic power units. These systems allow for stepless power settings per individual lamp between 30 and 100%. . Due to a “soft start system” the life time of the UV lamps is prolonged with more than 30% compared to conventional power control units. Also when used in combination with modern screen printing machines, the “smart UV function” can be activated. This function will automatically reduce the UV power when the printing press is stopped. IR quartz filters with in-between jet-air cooling effectively decrease the substrate temperature when passing under the lamps.

The highly efficient cooling section can either take in fresh air from outside or can be combined with a “cold water / heat exchanger” system running cold air in a closed loop system.

The CBS dryer series are the most efficient jet-air conveyor dryers on the screen printing market today. They effectively dry solvent as well as water based inks and cure UV inks with minimum heat transfer.

SPS TURBOSTAR CBS dryer with hoods open
UV section open

Technical Specifications

specificationunit CBS57CBS71
conveyor widthmm900 1.200
max. material widthmm800 1.100
conveyor speedm/min10 – 50 10 – 50
length of drop down segmentmm650650
length of dryer inlet segmentmm1.0001.000
length of heating / cooling sectionsmm2.000 2.000
length of the UV sectionmm1.200 1.200
length of dryer outlet segmentmm600600
integrated UV capacity (2 lamps)W/cm40-17040-170
min. temperature°Cambient + 15ambient + 15
max. temperature°C9090
total widthmm1.8502.150
total heightmm1.3001.300
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