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SPS® TechnoScreen appointed to be the Exclusive Regional Distributor for ATMA® High-End Industrial Flat Bed Equipment.

Right in time for the INPRINT 2015 exhibition in Munich, ATMA® / Taiwan – the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end industrial flat-bed screen printing machines – announces the nomination of SPS® TechnoScreen / Germany, to be the new distributor for theis top-of-the-range machinery in core areas of central Europe.

In 2012 ATMA® became the exclusive OEM manufacturer for the SPS® STOP cylinder screen printing presses and related machinery, developed under the long-established German brand name. Within the frame of an additional sales and service agreement, ATMA® and their sales partners successfully increased the market share of SPS® equipment solutions for numerous screen printing applications in Asia and the US. With the recent agreement in return, a choice has been made to further strengthen the synergy between both companies.

Global players, among them the biggest names in the smart-phone universe, have chosen ATMA® for their exclusive equipment supplier in screen technology. SPS® TechnoScreen, experts in sheet-fed cylinder presses, consider the ATMA® equipment a logical supplement to their own product portfolio. The extension of the SPS® range by high-end ATMA® flat-bed machines – many of them with sophisticated camera capturing and auto-registering systems – will enhance the power to cover the widest scope of demands of industrial customers in the sales region. European users can now profit from this merger of forces between specialists.

The recent nomination extends to important market regions in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia and CZ.

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