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SPS Technoscreen Standort

…2021…we do offer machine demonstrations under proper conditions along with the local regulations for Covid-19…

We do offer single customer visits to our demo center in Wuppertal, where we can demonstrate both the SPS STOP cylinder printing presses as well as ATMA high-precision flat-bed screen printing machines.

In this environment we can ensure highest precautions against the Covid-19 virus with

  • plenty of space both in the demonstration center as well as in the conference area
  • good ventilation in both the conference area as well as the demo center
  • the conference area is additionally equipped with an active Hepa-filter unit that cleans the air – state of the art technology
  • the common hygenic measurements such as masks, distance and stations for desinfection

With this we can maintain the possibility of inviting you for a visit, to give our machines a “hands-on” inspection, get your material printed, whatsoever. We simply would like you to be convinced of the quality of our screen printing machines and the possiblity of fulfilling your individual printing requirements – and we feel safe to do so!

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