SPS® TechnoScreen

SPS® TechnoScreen, is the world’s no 1 partner to provide you with customized screen printing solutions based on the famous Original SPS STOP CYLINDER Principle®.

In Screen Print for over 60 years, SPS® is providing global support and in depth knowledge of the wide area of applications for automated screen printing. Whether it is for high-speed print finishing & (luxury) packaging, high-precision printed electronics, bank note / security printing, plastic / credit card solutions, textile transfers, ceramic decals or medical applications, SPS® TechnoScreen can help you with the best possible production options.

Fully integrated automatic line solutions include automatic feeders, various types of STOP cylinder machines, jet air / UV / IR and wicket dryers as well as automatic sheet stackers.

Above this, SPS® TechnoScreen is also providing technical as well as installation services for the SPS® product range. Our team of specialized mechanical and electronical engineers is enforced by an international base of technicians being part of our agent / distributor network. Thus instant support in case of machine stops even despite different time zones can be guaranteed.

Finally SPS® is also offering operational training sessions which will strengthen the specific know-how of your machine operators not only in view of how to operate a fully automatic screen printing line but also in view of the complete pre- and post-press processes which are – on demand – included in our training courses.

All in all:

Innovations that move your business forward!