Textile transfer

Textile Transfer Printing

Textile Transfer Printing is a fast growing screen printing application. Not only the possibility to print much more fine details but also the durability of the modern textile transfers have great advantages over direct garment printing. During the last 5 years many textile printers have upgraded from direct garment printing to the much more efficient use of automatic screen printing flat-bed and cylinder presses. For semi- and ¾ automatic flat-bed screen printing machines, the ATMA AT-80PP/G and ATMACE67/G6 are fast and efficient alternatives. For higher productivity, our SPS® VITESSA XP1 primeline equipped with a SPS® FP front pick-up feeder, many anti-static options and even “just in time” sheet cleaning is an excellent machine configuration for this application. In case screen printing would be used in combination with digital produced textile transfers the more sophisticated, servo driven and camera register controlled cylinder screen printing machine, SPS® ASTRON QX will provide you with highest productivity and register accuracy.  Within the ATMA® flat-bed range the camera controlled type ATMATIC MF66/F in semi or fully automatic version or the ATMATIC MF44, would be an excellent choice.

In-line powder machine followed by our high temperature SPS® TSS TEX dryer in gas or electric version, suitable to cure both water-based and plastisol inks and the SPS® AUTOSTACK  sheet stacker complete the production line.