SL 71 Screen Printing Line

SPS® Screen Printing Line, 

Year of manufacturing: 2010

Max sheet size: 760 mm x 1.060 mm

UV Spot Coating and Solvent-Based Ink Screen Printing Line

SPS® VITESSA SL 2 – EP Feeder and STOP Cylinder Printing Station – serial no. 110.10.214

  • Original SPS® STOP Cylinder Principle™ for dot-to-dot registration – regardless of running speed
  • multi-functional rear pick-up feeder SPS® AUTOFEED EP with tree-way pile access, with stream and single sheet mode; double sheet detection; feeder belt table with vacuum belt system
  • advanced offset-type TP HD feeder separator head; independent pick-up and forward suckers for safe sheet separation; with enhanced compressed air assisted adjustments for sheet separation; with sheet skew function (controlled turning at transfer)
  • safe vacuum side guides on A and B side; central side positioning, externally accessible
  • …….

SPS® TURBOSTAR M2 (2H/1T/1C) – Conveyorized High Speed Jet Air Dryer and UV Curing Unit –

serial no. 411.11.223


  • SPS® power pack system:
  • focused air stream to the printed surface with positive air guide through jet hoods above the conveyor belt, equipped with nozzles in optimized design
  • side hinged section hoods pneumatically risible for cleaning and inspection
  • optical sheet pass detection with UV shut-down in case of sheet jam; incl. press autostop signal
  • ….

SPS® AUTOSTACK 2 – Automatic Sheet Stacker – serial no. 136.11.425

  • take-over belt system with precise traction; belt drive with adjustable speed for reliable sheet transfer
  • automatic sheet positioning by side edge adjuster flaps, photocell-actuated by sheet transfer detection; side flaps and front stop adjustable to sheet format
  • front edge oriented alignment of shorter sheet formats to the pile carrier board (pallet etc.)
  • sheet corrugation device on infeed: set of guide rollers to be used with thin substrates to warp and
    stabilize the incoming sheets
  • adjustable control mirror for pile supervision


TS_2010 jvs
TS_2010 jvs