ATMAOE MF 44 Flatbed Screen Printing Press (NEW)
Showroom Model

ATMA MF44 showroom model

Brand new industrial printer type MF44.

  • Year of manufacturing: 2018
  • Manual substrate loading and automatic 4 CCD Camera registration with accuracy < / = 15µm
  • 15” color monitor for registration set up
  • Automatic screen registration
  • Servo drive for both squeegee and flood coater
  • Color touch screen HMI for all machine settings, Memory for 99 recepies.
  • Max. print size:                400 x 400 mm
  • Max. screen size:             850 x 750 mm
  • Suitable for high end industrial printing like flexible electronics etc.

Machine may be tested in our demo room.

If you have any questions please just contact us:

ATMAOE MF 44 Flatbed Screen Printing Press