ATMAOE MF88 Flatbed Screen Printing Press

CCD Camera Registering System

combined with servo-driven material adjustment, alignment to substrate center or defined target mark


  • CCD camera registering system
  • 4 high-resolution cameras for optical position
  • servo motorized auot-alignment of the printing base carrier to final register position
  • integrated system repeatability +/- 15 µm
  • printing head with servo-driven squeegee / flood coater assembly,
    digital pressure setting; adjustable blast air
  • servo-driven screen peel-off with continaual synchronization along the print path
  • screen master frame with lay stops; pneumatic scrren clamping
  • color touch screen HMI
  • failure diagnosis and data log system with error analysis and report functions


ATMA MF88 flatbed screen printing press

Technical Specifications

Max. printing area
[mm * mm] 800 * 800
Min. printing area
[mm * mm] 250 * 300
Max. printing frame o/d
[mm * mm] 1.300 * 1.300
Min. printing frame o/d
[mm * mm] 1.000 * 1.000
substrate thickness [mm] 3,0 ~ 20,0
cycle speed 1/hr 320
Length L [mm] 3.050
Width W [mm] 1.860
Height H [mm] 1.980