Modular High Speed Jet Drying and UV Curing Technology

The highly modular design of the SPS® TURBOSTAR-S conveyor dryer series matches with the requirements of the most demanding industrial and graphic screen printing jobs. Hot air jet sections give individual space for physical drying of solvent or water based inks. After the heating zone, the UV curing section is set, also as a separate module. In this section UV media cure perfectly at up to 200 W/cm and still cope with the capacity of the fastest SPS® cylinder presses. A subsequent cooling zone cools the substrate down to stackable temperatures. For a better efficiency the cooling zone can be combined with an active cooling unit and a heat exchanger. Thus, your cooling remains independant of outside temperatures and generates stable and reliable production conditions. Modular high-speed jet drying and UV curing technology.

This way customized line configurations can be found to cover the full range of possible screen printing applications.


Technical Specifications

TS-S 1 TS-S 2
conveyor width [mm] 900 1.200
max. curing width [mm] 850 1.100
conveyor speed [m/min] 2 - 60 2 - 60
max. temperature [°C] 80 - 150 80 - 150
max. UV Power [W/cm] 160 - 200 160 - 200
recirculating air [m³/h] 3.800 4.000