UV Curing Unit with Integrated Substrate Cooling

SPS® SUV curing units are all equipped to cope with the high output of SPS® cylinder presses. Multi-facet reflectors provide optimum UV dose (mJ/cm²) and intensity (mW/cm²). Quarz glass shields under the reflectors serve as IR filter, minimizing the emitted heat radiation. They also protect the lamps from dust and the rinning substrate from contact to the UV source. Regular UV varnishes and inks primarily react on UV radiation in the spectral area of 365 nm. This is covered by the characteristics of standard UV lamps with Mercury filling.

SPS® SUV dryers can be equipped with a radiator combination for broad-band emission, adding a Gallium doped lamp to the system – for uniform cure within the layer.

Separated from the UV radiator cooling that keeps the ambient temperature around the lamp on a constant level, integrated power air flow segments immediately cool down the passing sheet, exposing it to guided high speed air. This way, the temperature build-up is minimized. The reduced thermal influence, connected with optimim UV energy output, leads to the best fit and registration between print runs.


Technical Specifications

SUV 57 SUV 71
max. curing width [mm] 850 1.100
max. nominal UV power [W/cm] 160 160
length [mm] 5.500 5.500
width [mm] 1.750 2.150
height [mm] 1.350 1.350