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SPS® VITESSA SL STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

The SPS® VITESSA SL STOP cylinder screen printing machine is engineered to meet the demands of the high-end screen printing industry. The solid top frame can be extended on four posts, thus allowing direct access to the sheet stream without obstruction – for immediate inspection “on the fly”. Short setup times and high ease of operation combine with best reproducibility.

The press can be combined with the EP feeder (as on the photo) or with the advanced FP front-pick-up feeder in portal design, both optimized for pallet operation.

Even for the smallest runs, top net production results can be achieved: There is just no shorter route to perfect screen printing.

banknote printing SPS-SL-up

Technical Specifications

SL 1+ SL 2
Max. sheet size [l * w]
mm * mm 650 * 900 750 * 1.060
Min. sheet size [l * w]
mm * mm 280 * 420 280 * 420
Print frame o/d [l * w]
mm * mm 1.070 / 1.090 * 1.160 1.140 / 1.160 * 1.280
Cycle speed
max. [1/hr] 4.000 4.000
Length L [mm] 4.260 4.260
Width ¹ W [mm] 2.165 2.120
Height ² H [mm] 1.900 1.810
¹ + platforms on A and B side, ² in basic working position