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Printed Electronics

Printing electric circuits, using conductive inks is a special screen printing application. Heating elements, RFID tags, automotive functional parts, printed batteries, medical diabetic test strips, and all kinds of sensors are all part of a fast expanding market. Mostly printed on thin foils, both the ATMA® range of flat-bed machinery as well as the SPS® STOP cylinder screen printing machines are suitable. With accuracy demands as tight as <15 µm the ATMATIC MF66/F with camera controlled registration is a fully automatic alternative for high precision run. The ATMATIC MF66/F even offers the option of inserting protection sheets after each printed sheet! The SPS® STOP cylinders SPS® VITESSA XP57 primeline and the more sophisticated SPS® ASTRON QX57 in combination with single sheet front pick-up feeder type SPS® FP can handle larger run sizes at higher speeds and perfect registration. Integrated anti static equipment, just in time sheet cleaning, fully motorized screen fine adjustment and camera control systems are excellent options for this application. Our latest success participation included demands of printing lines of 100µm with spacers of the same!
Drying of (often customized) conductive inks can be accomplished in our high temperature (up to 200°C) SPS® TURBOSTAR HT and/or in our long time high-temperature wicket dryer SPS® UNITHERM, both possibly combined with additional UV curing! The printing line to be completed with the SPS® AUTOSTACK AS57 for perfect pile up.
Also customized project solutions can be realized – together with your engineers our R&D team will find your perfect solution!

Typical line example for fully automatic camera registration flat bed printing line.


printed electronics flat-bed line