Plastic Cards

Plastic / Bank & ID Cards

Plastic / bank cards are a day to day part of our life.

Typically these cards are made in 4 layers. The graphic layer is usually printed in off-set and gets a screen printed specialty. This could be a special security ink or a precious metal effect ink to improve the cards appearance. Depending on the required maximum sheet size, both the model SPS® VITESSA XP1 primeline OR the model SPS® VITESSA SL1+ fit the requirements. In this industry the printing press is mostly combined with the SPS® FP single sheet front pick-up feeder, including “just in time” sheet cleaning. Since offset and screen are combined on the same sheet, the option of “print length correction” is extremely important to achieve a correct register between the different print techniques!

Drying of the printed plastic material (mostly PVC) is usually done in relative long Jet Air Conveyor Dryers such as SPS® TURBOSTAR OR even in wicket dryers like the SPS® UNITHERM.

Slowly also UV inks with considerable efficiency advantages are being introduced. Depending on the final application either the SPS® SUV or the SPS® TURBOSTAR S can be used.