Bank notes

Banknote printing

Banknote printing is a complex printing technology mainly because of its high demand on security against counterfeit. Screen printing is often used to apply an optical variable ink (OVI) as an additional safety feature to the banknotes. The industry is characterized by its demand on extreme fine print definition in combination with high volumes. Running in multiple shifts at print speeds exceeding 3.500 iph. for us is a simple industry demand!

The print definition on SPS® STOP cylinder presses is outstanding and by far the best in the industry. The robust high tech squeegee system, combining pneumatics, electronics and hydraulics (PEH) is unchallenged! In addition for this high volume application our machines are mostly supplied in “high pile” version and often with a pre loading station, non-stop feeding and non-stop stacking facilities. The preferred machine full line configuration consist of our top of the range printing press SPS® VITESSA SL2, in combination with our conveyor dryer SPS® TURBOSTAR TSS 2 and sheet stacker SPS® AUTOSTACK AS2.