The automotive industry is using screen printing for both automotive dials as well as for IMD / FIM part manufacturing. Because of their perfect registration and excellent print definition SPS® STOP cylinder presses are preferred along the global market place. Automotive dials can have as many as 12 colours in close tolerance, not only in terms of registration but even more for an even colour density. For the later, the robust high-tech squeegee system, combining pneumatics, electronics and hydraulics (PEH) is unchallenged! In combination with the single-sheet front pick-up SPS® FP the SPS® VITESSA SL is the best choice.

FIM inks can be very slow drying and sometimes even need tempering before final use. Depending on the inks, both the Conveyor Jet Air Dryers SPS® TURBOSTAR-S as well as long time dryers SPS® UNITHERM will fulfil the requirements.